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Our Vision

Using the past to build the future. Using new technologies to build the present!

The world is changing faster than ever. New technology delivers new ideas, gigabytes of information, all shared by social media.
Museums rapidly learn to use some of the new communication opportunities associated with new media to respond to the social changes and adapt to their visitors’ expectations.

In a simply word, museums must innovate.
And we build YourMuseum to help museums innovating!


new challenges, new inspirations

No museum now can be indifferent to the pervasive changes technology introduces into its relationship with an audience.

In our opinion there are three main challenges museums have to care about.
We solve them, and using YourMuseum museum can:

  • museums have little control over what people see, know and access
  • museums now talk to audiences thoroughly shaped by the digital revolution
  • museum’s voice is feebler and harder to hear
  • learn how visitors interact with space and exhibits
  • offer multimedia content through visitors’ mobile devices
  • maintain audiences, attract new audiences through communication

Our Solution

Use YourMuseum to let your visitors interact with your space and exhibits.

Using our CMS and beacon, you can attach rich media content to specific POI so your visitors can browse more collection information, discover curated stories, save personal favorites and share them on social media, in their preferred language, when they are close to exhibits.

  • reach potential visitors expanding your revenues;
  • offer longer and stronger engagement inside your art space;
  • provide curated and personalized content to your visitors;
  • learn more about how visitors interact with your space.

How it Works

Connect visitor to the exhibition space using their smartphone.

Indoor Positioning Engine

Let visitors glance at their device to see their exact location in real time, so they can search for an exhibit or a café.


Deliver content according to the visitor's profile, transforming a their mobile device into a personal tour guide.


CMS lets you update information at any time, without any technical knowledge. Updates are always instant.

Amazing Features

We're redefining museum experience,
mixing up physical space and digital tools,
putting visitors at the center of the stage!

Location Based
Content & Services

YourMuseum's indoor positioning & proximity solution senses a visitor's location and automatically exposes contents about nearby exhibits, for an incredibile digital experience.

Digitization through

Allow people to prepare their visit, explore arts and culture inside the museum e share their experiences.

Analytics and
Data Report

You can see all the visitor activity in clear and comprehensive data reports, so you can know what actually engages your visitors and have a deep insight into visitor behavior.

your App

Give your app your soul: your logo and your colors for a complete app customization suiting your tastes.

Analytics & Data Report

Find out what content is viewed, which exhibits are popular, and where visitors actually spend their time.

Through YourMuseum you can learn more about how visitors interact with your space:

  • what searches are popular?
  • what content is accessed?
  • what media is consumed?
  • what are preferred path?


We dream our app, and then we paint our dream

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